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Frogs and Acrylic Cement Question

Well now I am considering building another terrarium, this one being 24" x 24" x 36" tall. This will be my first time actually constructing the tank from just sheets of Plexiglass. My question is, can I use Weld-On #16 Acrylic Cement to construct the tank? I know that there are other silicone based products that specifically say they are non-toxic to animals, but I didn't think they would have a strong enough bond to hold the sides together. I bought the tube, which is in the picture, from Josh's Frogs website. I would assume it is safe, since I bought it from his site, but I wanted to double check. Thanks to anyone who replies with information, I would like my first tank construction to not start off badly.

Weld-on 16 is specifically designed to bond acrylic, it is not a silicone based product. Weld-on is a solvent that will actually melt the top layers of acrylic forming a very strong bond.
Very few types of silicone will adhere to acrylic.
Good luck with the tank, keep us posted.


Yes, that is an appropriate product. Actually I like to use the weld-on #4 for most applications, the weld-on 16 is thicker, and better used for not-quite precise cuts, so it will fill in small gaps.

Once cured, you have nothing to worry about. Give it the whiff test, rinse it out, and you should be fine.

I wouldn't consider using silicone for constructing an acrylic tank, it doesn't adhere well.

Brian T. Sexton

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