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Construction help for a first Viv
I would like to get into PDF's, but I'm a little confused. I would like to get a 20L, set up an eggcrate false with Eco substrate, Riccia, a little Java Moss, and a few broms. There would be a waterfall/pond in the corner and misc. driftwood throughout. A nice background, 2 cocohuts, and a small cave will be placed in also. 8) Would this be a good set-up for 3-4 auratus? Or should I get a 20H and build up a good background for climbing? :roll:
auratus are very terrestrial, in my experience, and won't climb much. still, i think a 20L is too short for broms. once you get your false bottom and substrate, you only have 7-9 inches for plants to grow. i have a couple of 20L tanks with pothos, ferns, moss etc. it's a good footprint for auratus, but not for broms or any plant with height. if you want better options for planting, go with something taller.
I was thinking on just going with the riccia and a little java moss, but is this too little vegetation or should Iadd some plants ? I was also thinking of going with a couple of air plants, would that be fine ?
Dj Smokey,
riccia and java moss will basically provide a ground covering. You might consider some low growing creeping plants, like creeping fig, some philodendron, pothos, pilea. Most air plants will not tolerate the stagnant air in the vivariums. In their native habitats they live in trees where they are exposed to constant air flow.
As Mack recommended, if you want bromeliads, you really need a taller tank.
If i keep the java moss, and the riccia, are plastic ornamental plants a taboo :oops: I mainly want the tank for the frogs, i'm not a big green thumb with stuff thats kept in a tank. my fish tanks all have fake plants, as i dont care for all the extra substrate, CO2 reactors, and suplimental feeding. :roll: Am i wrong in asuming that i can mix live plants, live animals, and fake plants and still reach "the effect" :wink:
Dj Smokey,
most of the plants I mentioned are almost "bullet proof", and would be very difficult to kill. The benefits of using live plants far outweigh the convenience of plastic. With all of these easy to grow plants, would you really want plastic plants? In the end it will be your call, however if you decide to go with plastic, be sure they are designed for aquarium/terrarium use to avoid any toxicity issues.

Where would be the best place to acquire some of these plants, or to see them for that matter. i like the looks of the creeping fig, but have only found large species of the others metioned. or at least the plants they had in the picturese were large. you have been most helpfull though, thank you.
[b]The MidWest Frog Fest is next weekend in Joilette Illinois. just out side of Chicago. If you can make it that would be a great place to see some of these plants as well as some frogs. Pete Mertens will be there, you can pick his brain, and he will have some plants and supplies for sale also. He usually brings a couple of tanks that he has setup and you can see up close how it is constructed.
Wish I could, but with a 2yr old and a wife who is 8 1/2 months pregnant, I don't think I'm going any farther than work or the store. Who ever goes should post some knarly 8) pics if they can.

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