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Building a tank......
How hard would it be to buy lexan and just build a tank. I have worked with lexan in construction :x and was wondering how to join corners for a tank. Would angle iron work and what thickness should it be for a30"x28"x20"? :?
Hi Dj Smokey,
it is not hard to buy Lexan, depending on where you are located, you can check you phone book and find a local supplier. Keep in mind, Lexan is a trade name.
As for constructing a tank with "Lexan", the are pros and cons.
As for pros, it is relatively easy to work with.
Usually it is bonded or joined together with a special adhesive that is designed for acrylic. It adheres by melting the top layers of the acrylic to form a strong bond.
As for the cons of acrylic, it is prone to warpage, and it does scratch easily.
oh, warp-age and scratches are a no no. Sad yeah, there is a construction place were we got the stuff I work with. there is also just acrylic, and other types available for order, it just depends on what i should get, are suggestions ?? :roll:
Is there a way to accommodate glass and "no-scratch" plexi in one tank? i have found some impact and scratch resistant plexi at a hardware store by my house. Tongue Could i use the plexi for the sides and glass for top and bottom? or will this make the tank a little unstable? Confusedhock: any takers ?
Dj Smokey,
I doubt it would be possible to do it that way without building a frame and attaching the glass and plexi to the frame rather than to theirselves.
oh, in that case i'll just purchase a 20L, less work for me. i have my hands full with design and plants already. 8)
If you are going to be purchasing the tank anyway, you might consider a little taller tank, say a 20 high. Taller tanks offer more landscaping possibilities
A 20H will be better for landscaping eh? Well that sounds like a plan to me. Will it still be alright for terrestrial frogs? Confusedhock: I just want to have this tank as perfect as I can with limited experience. I think riccia, java moss, creeping fig and a couple neo broms will top out what I would like in the tank. I want the frogs and the waterfall to be the main stage. :lol:
Yes, the 20 H will be easier to landscape. You can landscape the tank so you have a couple of different "layers" or "elevations"and the auratus will use the different "layers" or "elevations". The auratus are primarily terrestrial, but the do like to climb. The males like to climb on sturdy plant leaves and sit and call.
Would driftwood/slate molded into the background be the best way to do the "elevations". And will the plants above
Quote:I think riccia, java moss, creeping fig and a couple neo broms will top out what I would like in the tank
work well or should i plan on some others now that I will have some more landscaping room?
My 29G is now being cleaned for frogs. I have decided to do riccia on the bottom, with java moss sporadically throughout the tank, 2 "Cheers" broms and 1 "Echo" brom from, ficus pumila, and a few air plants scattered throughout. With the driftwood going into it, and the few cocohuts I will get, this tank will have a good earthy feel to it. Does this sound like it needs more, because I think this will be a good balance.
I built my 365 gal tank out of plywood. It is 8ftx 24"x 36" There are a lot of plans on the web to build wooden tanks than can hold water. Check out
nice site, but eww to the tank designs. when using plywood and acrylic, they don't accept tanks bigger then 30" high or 30" wide and 'don't recommend' tanks over 48" long. guess they never heard of using 2x4s or other things for support.

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