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Can Plants help clean the Vivarium Water ?
Hello all,

I remember reading somewhere about certain plants whose roots help clean the water of any waste matter the frogs leave behind. Can any one shed some light on what plants help to create a clean and toxin free environment? What species? What do the look like? etc?
Any plant which grows uses 'wastes'. All plants will "clean" the tank. The faster the plant grows, the 'cleaner' the tank will be. Balance this against less pruning and better aesthetic control of slower growing plants.
specifically I am curious about those plants whos roots grow down into the substrate and leach impurities from the water cycling towards the pump. I am trying to plan out my plants purchase from black jungle and would like to order everything I'll need in one fell swoop.
I was thinking of incorporating a mini sump-like tank (water reservoir) addition and fill it with java moss to act as a natural nitrogen filter since it is such an aggressive grower. Basically have it in the sump area and hack it in half once it gets too big. :wink:
Avarax Wrote:Hello all,
I remember reading somewhere about certain plants whose roots help clean the water of any waste matter the frogs leave behind. Can any one shed some light on what plants help to create a clean and toxin free environment? What species? What do the look like? etc?

If you're looking to actually put it into the water, java moss will serve that purpose, and I believe you can get it to grow out of the water, too, if you have at least 90% humidity. See about it.
How bout bamboo? I know it's from a different area, but I see it all the time in those little betta tanks growing right in the water.
i've seen bamboo in mossie frog tanks. it does very well in my window seal right now and also does very well in wet areas like a pool of water. it is a water loving plant and also has a very unique apeal to it i think. my only curiosity to it is this.....can it be sanitized with ableach solution like some plants to eliminate any pests/diseases? the bamboo shoots themselves look super absorbent, and i'm not sure it can be properly rinsed thouroghly?????? It has been thriving in a bamboo fancy dish in my window seal with nice leaves growing tall on it over the last few months. what would you think susan? any body is welcome to answer that question. since it is so tall though...i would think it might need to go towards the back of the tank versus the front where you would want the smaller plants . kristy Big Grin
Pothos is pretty hungry and grows quickly.

If you got a pond in the tank duckweed.
i agree with mathew....pothos plants are excellent for the viv. they can be bleached in a one parts bleach/10 parts water dipped 15 seconds and rinsed very well....will root into anything...very well......a good substrate...gravel...anything.....and they dont need to much light although light wont harm them in the nice hunid environment. you can get pothos for very cheap also and do very well to pruning. Big Grin
I think pothos can quickly outgrow a viv, and they're very strong, so they can crowd out other plants and push up on the lid of your viv, possibly letting frogs out one day. A good alternative is philodendron.

As far as the bamboo---it is very porous, and bleach only goes inert after it dries completely, so bleach would not be such a good idea in my opinion.

Maybe vinegar and water---that's not really hard on the frogs, and as long as you rinse the bamboo off afterwards, it would not hurt the frogs to touch the solution that remained in the bamboo---so maybe an organic soap and water mix followed by a vinegar and water rinse would be all you can do. I haven't tried it, so attempt at your own risk----plus, it wouldn't kill chytrid or TB mycobacteria, so be sure your bamboo supplier isn't a newbie with frogs only a few weeks old in case of disease.
yes pothos do outgrow very quickly but they hold up to pruning very well, are easily sanitized, and are good perching plants for darts. Not to mention very cheap. A lot of dart frog vendors sell pothos plants for dart vivs. I agree susan if you dont prune there could be a problem....but since the plants care less about pruning and does very well despite pruning it down i like it in some of my vivs. I like pothos cuz i can bleach the leaves also and use as a leaf litter in my quarantines.

as for the bamboo i am clueless on that but have seen it in mnay other tanks such as mossy frog set-ups and firebelly toad tanks. I'd be concerned that they are not easily sanitizable. I know when i bought my bamboo....which i bought only for my kitchen as it is tropical was from home depot and te water in its dish had a very pungent i dont think adding it to any of my tanks will be wise. I am a germ freak i guess and try to sanitize and bake/boil anything i can possibly do. bamboo is a good subject for plants in dart vivs to be discussed IMO as it is beautiful, does well in wet/humid environments....but is it safe Smile kristy Big Grin
Plus, the water used at the home improvement stores is NOT TREATED as city water is, so it is very nasty----use extra measures to sanitize plants from here, and remove all soil that came with your purchase when choosing to put them in the viv.
not to worry susan..i wasnt planning on putting it in my vivs at all....just like how it looks. yes, i agree buying plants from home improvements stores need to be sanitized as much as posible Big Grin
I've recently added a small clump of mondo grass into my viv. It's in a clear plastic detergent cap (about 2" dia) which has been filled with blue glass beads. I used a nail (heated until red hot) to melt several holes in the cap, so that water can circulate better. I also wanted to be able to remove it easily for cleaning & maintenance.

The main point here is ALL plants will absorb the nitrates in the frogs waste & any run-off from lightly applied liquid fertilizers (1/2 -1/4 strength).

I would also suggest you check your local aquarium supply stores for live aquarium plants. Last week at my local Petsmart, I noticed lucky bamboo (dracena) for sale.

other possibilities:

floating water clover (Marsiliea mutica) needs bright light
water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes)
giant duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza) needs very bright light

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