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Tree Walkers Int. Is Up And Running!

It has been over a year in the making, and with the dedication of a group of hard working enthusiasts, Tree Walkers International is open for business.

Oct. 1, 2006

Tree Walkers International is now open for membership. TWI was formed in response to the global decline of amphibian populations as a way for private individuals to become directly involved in amphibian conservation. Members and volunteers are needed to develop and support two important amphibian conservation initiatives.

The Amphibian Steward Network is designed to harness the skills and expertise of private amphibian enthusiasts through captive breeding programs that benefit wild amphibian populations. Through ASN, private enthusiasts can help reverse declining trends in wild amphibian populations by:

· Wisely managing existing captive amphibian populations to reduce the pet-trade demand for animals collected from the wild.

· Support environmentally-sensitive and sustainable collection, importation, and distribution practices that support local economies where the animals live in the wild.

· Provide training and support that allows volunteer stewards to participate in amphibian conservation breeding programs, vastly expanding the capacity of zoos, aquaria, and other professional institutions.

Operation Frog Pond encourages people to act locally by creating amphibian habitat in their own backyards, schools and parks. This initiative is designed to capitalize on the growing popularity of ornamental water gardens. OFP volunteers can participate as research associates who collect data and report their findings to improve our ability to reverse declines of local amphibian projects through small-scale habitat improvement projects.

To learn more about Tree Walkers International and become a member, please visit our website at:


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