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Are Exoterra's the best Vertical tanks to use for Frogs ?
What are everyones thoughts on these? I want to pick up the largest one but dont really know whow much room I would have for some darts or even some green eye tree frogs (not going to mix them).

Or does someone else have thoughts on another type of vertical enclosure ?
I have an 18x18x24- I tossed the faux backround that came with it and did the great stuff/ silicone backround. The tank looks great, and the front doors are definitely a plus for easy access. However, they are not very ruggedly built- I snapped one of the doors off while constructing the backround! I did manage to fix it. Also, the screen top does not come off as easy as I would like, so I am building my own. All in all, it is a very good tank for begginers and looks like a proffesional zoo-like setup... Try for a good price.
Here is mine
But would they be large enough for a few darts? I would like to have maybe 4 or 6 darts so what size would I need?
martinshaver Wrote:But would they be large enough for a few darts? I would like to have maybe 4 or 6 darts so what size would I need?

What species are you thinking of?
Be aware that some darts are very terretorial, and won't do very well with much more than a pair in a tank this size.

Auratus, leucs, and most of the phyllobates species are said to do fairly well in group settings. For 4-6 of these, I'd say somewhere around a 40 gallon tank, for starters.
Brian T. Sexton
I have an exo-terra set-up. My biggest complaint is fruit fly escape. I have electrical tape on all of the edges to tighten the seams a little. I had glass pieces cut to fit the screen top and siliconed knobs on the glass, for easy removal. I kept the styro. background and moved it forward so an impeller pump would fit behind. A long piece of tubing runs over the top of the background into a log. Great water feature. The humidity stays at 86. I have an active breeding pair of Azureus in there. Personally I will build my own systems from now on. Have done three and they were much easier.

Debbie Big Grin

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