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My first viv!

Hi,This is my first.An exo terra 45x45x60cm.
[Image: terra.jpg]

Would appreciate comments and suggestions.
Haven't decided what species yet but would also appreciate suggestions for this also.

Very nice oslodunc!

Can you tell us a little about your tank? What type of lighting are you using, what you made your background out of?

The background and sides are Xaxim panels.there is airline tubing feeding a drip in the centre at the top of each panel.
I have a 6 way manifold hidden behind the backing to control the drip.

I used a false bottom made from plexiglass i had already.So i always have access to the pump.
Seems to be working very nicely.
I use 2x15w life-glo with reflectors.

Picked some moss from a forest here which is doing nicely.had it some time first and had no stow aways on it!!
Also java moss, ficus pumila, ass. broms, fern.

Have had a couple of plants mysteriously sprout from the backing and these are growing well.

No animals yet as i wanted the viv to be running correctly a while first.
Open to suggestions of species that would appreciate this set up.

The censored word was an abbreviation of assorted bromeliads!
Sorry,didn't realise the filters were so sharp! Smile

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