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beardies and supplies
i have two hypo/orange beardies for sale one male and one female. not real sure how old they are my friend gave them to me and i am going off to college here soon so i need to find a new home for them. they are in great health. i have a whole set up for sale also its a 75gal w/ stand, mega-ray 60watt uvb, two heat lamps, linoleum floor, custom screen top, some drift wood and some nice rocks.

this whole set up is the males cage and thats the only cage im selling im asking 350 for everything except for the female if you want her she is $80 but i really dont recommend on keeping 2 beardies in one cage.

local pick up only though no shipping. willing to drive 2 hours to meet someone half way or so.

im located in dayton ohio..

heres a break down of everything agian:
male hypo/orange
female hypo/orange
60watt mega-ray UVB( used for only 3 weeks )
2- heat lamps with domes
75gal w/ stand and linoleum flooring
couple pieces of drift wood and rock

PM me with any ?'s
any one i really would like to get rid of these guys quickly
i can part out also
only the female is for sale now here is a pic of her she is 80
alright i really need to get rid of these guys so im selling them for 50 each now thats a hell of a deal since i paid over 100 for each let me know

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