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New to frogs - is this setup ok ?

I am thinking about getting blue dart frogs and I am setting my tank up right now. The tank is a 75gal tall.
i have a waterfall running down the back side into a aquarium which is 8 inch high 14 wide and 14 long. Right now I have guppies and snails in it. A 4 inch bromeliad is on that side as well.

the other 2/3 of the tank have sand as substrate and life plants growing. a big log. 5 hermit crabs call that home as well.

right now i am building a 5inch wide bridge over the water side. there will be moss, caves, plants and a shallow pool on it.

i am using Styrofoam and spray-foam to built it. i plan to paint it with acrylic paint.

everything should be ready by the weekend. i will give the ecosystem a week to get going.

right now it is +- 72F and +-90% humidity in the tank.

there is a reptile show on the 21/22 of October. i plan to go there and get 2 or 3 frogs.

I am looking forward to have it all set up.


i hope things work out like i have planed.
Hi Nadine,
your project sounds interesting. Perhaps you could post some picture so we can get a little better perspective.

I don't know the Hermit crabs will coexist with the dart frogs however.
i will start taken pictures and put them up in the next day or two.

do you know if spray-foam works. its the sealant type.


When you say "Spray Foam" are you referring to the one component polyurethane foam, i.e. Great Stuff?
I built that bridge yesterday and I used expandable spray sealant used for sealing pipes is place and stuff like that. I put the can in the trash so I am not sure about the brand. I will go back to Wal-Mart and check.

Thanks for the input.

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