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D. Ventrimaculatus

I was hoping someone here has been working with this species. I currently have a group of 4 that is about 5 to 6 months old. They are all living together in a 10 vert right now, which will house them until I get the other pair a 10 vert set up. I am pretty sure I have a 2.2 ratio. Should I split them up, or is this ok since they have been raised together? What could I do to get them to breed? what do I listen for in regards of their call? Do they prefer to be very moist or slightly on the dry side? Anything that anyone may have done to get theirs to breed, let me know. I don't think they will get any bigger now, and I would really like to get some eggs out of them in the next few months. Anyway, thanks in advance.

Ed Parker

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Hey Ed,
I no longer keep many vents, buy their call sounds like a quiet , repetitious ,squeak from acrylic hinges.


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