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Vines (Discounts!)
Alright, I have gotten another huge pile of lianas. The vine is from the Asiatic Bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculata). The lianas are collected from a pesticide/herbicide free area, which is inaccessible to the public. The vines come in any length, various diameters, and straight or twisted.


These vines look fantastic, and can be used in a vivarium to create a jungle like appearance. They are great for any anurans, especially ones that will utilize the vines for climbing. They can be mounted on top or within the substrate/background. They can be placed vertically as a climbing structure for animals or horizontally as a branch or planting surface for epiphytic plants.


Individual Lianas
0.5" diameter - $1.00/ft
1.0" diameter - $1.50/ft
2.0" diameter - $2.00/ft

Intertwined Lianas (may consist of 2-4 individual vines)
2.0" diameter - $4.00/ft
3.0" diameter - $5.00/ft

Snake Vine (This vine is a new sp. I have just come across. It is really awesome and resembles a snake in the way it twists up a tree and constricts it. It is a very flat vine compared to the other lianas and is in general a bit larger. I have extremely limited quantities of these vines.)
3.0" diameter - $7.00/ft
4.0" diameter - $8.00/ft

Special Pieces (Sometimes I find really cool looking pieces. I will post these individually and they will have their own pricing. I'll add these on as I find more.)
[Image:] Very Large Loop, Snake Vine and Normal Liana Intertwined - $45
[Image:] Medium Loop, Normal Liana - $20

Bamboo (I have both younger green bamboo and older tan bamboo)
0.5"-1.0" diameter - $1.00/ft
1.0"-2.0" diameter - $2.00/ft


PM me your zip code and I will give you a quote.
It will be easiest (and cheapest) if the maximum length stays below 3 feet. If lengths over 3 feet are desired, it can be arranged for an extra shipping charge.

You can contact me through PM or through my email on this board.


>$30 = 10% off

>$60 = 20% off


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