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Partially completed 30 gallon viv tank for sale.

I started this several months ago but quickly moved on to other projects expecting to get back to it later. However, I have since abandoned the project and need to make room for other critters.

This is a 30 gallon tall tank which I started to build a polycarb topper for in order to use it as a vertical vivarium for frogs. The tank is 24" long, 12" wide, and 24" tall. This first picture shows the tank as it is now with the polycarb base plate installed and sealed, allowing for up to 4" of water.
[Image: Tank1.jpg]

This picture shows the top plate, door, and hinge that I have to finish the top (front when used vertically). I placed these items in place for this pic so you have an idea of what it will look like. I have not glued everything in place because construction of the vivarium itself will be much easier if these items are installed last. The pic below it shows the peices against a black background for better contrast.
[Image: Tank2.jpg]
[Image: Tank3.jpg]

I also have a matching stand for the tank which can be used whether the tank is placed vertically or horizontally. The pic is obviously not my own and is only to give an idea of the type of stand offered. The actual stand is a matching woodgrain but would require me to move too much stuff around in my basement to get a good pic. It is in great shape and pics can be taken for those seriously interested.
[Image: 105ag_kd_woodstand.gif]

I am asking $100 but I will consider other offers or trades, as I said, I need to make room. For trades, I am particularly interested in proportional thermostats, pro-product heat panels, and amazon tree boas, but will consider anything related to arboreal snakes.

Obviously, this can not be shipped. I am located in the Pittsburgh, PA area and would be able to deliver. How far depends on the amount offered. Email me with any questions.


I really need to move this. No reasonable offer will be refused. Needs to go ASAP.


BTW, I can include a screen top with locking clips. The 4" polycarb peice mounted on the end will not prevent it from being used as a tank for reptiles or fish. The other polycarb peices could always be mounted later should it be used for frogs in the future.


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