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Anyone use blackwater extract ?

I was wondering if you need to use blackwater extract in the water you raise the tadpoles in ?

I think I've heard of people using some varieties of tree leaves to make "tadpole tea" I'm not sure if i read them right though, but if you can, what leaves are acceptable to use ?

almond leaves are most popular (available at vivarium concepts), or you can use oak. make sure the leaves come from an area well away from pesticides and other polutants.

ok awsome

i've had a couple (2) male leuc and a few (3) female cobalt tincs (probably going to try and pair them up in the near future) for about 2 years now (well 2 years for the leucs and 1 for the tincs) and now wish to start breeding dart frogs (have had a sexed pair of azureus for a few months) and (success) my first clutch of 6 eggs , azureus of course, is about a week old now
i will probably have more questions as they near hatching and then again as they near morphing out of the water
thank you for helping a newbie out i greatly appreciate it

super exciting. let us know.

i just was just checking on my eggs and the first sightings of movement i must have startled them because i opened the lid to add some water and saw them move around in the eggs its pretty cool looking it also looks like my pair of azureus is courting again so maybe more eggs soon before these ones hatch out! its so interesting (and exciting) to watch the development of eggs for the first time and i hope to witness it many many more times

It is very interesting to watch them wiggle in the egg. It won't be long before they are free swimming tadpoles.
Once the adults get the hang of it you could be pulling eggs every 7-14 days!
Good luck with them, keep us posted.

i was doing some of the daily rituals (feeding misting cleaning ect..) and guess what? more eggs! 10 days after the last ones! Big Grin not sure how many yet im going to leave them in till tomorrow or the next day to make sure they have time to fertilize them, but i did notice from what i could see of the eggs that the first ones (10 days old now) seem to be alot bigger this close to hatching i know your thinking joe, there are living animals growing in there of course its going to grow, i didn't realize they would be noticably larger.
i noticed a couple days ago the female was looking rather chubby and seemed to like misting and feeding time more then usual so ive been trying to dust the flies with as much calcium and vitamins as those poor things will hold
if i can get some good pictures of the new and the ones close to hatching ill try and post them thanks for reading my post Smile

Sounds like they are on a roll!


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