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Looking for the name of a certain frog

my gf was talking about a frog that is a dart frog she thinks and is a bluish silver color. I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of frog this was and could point me in the right direction.

Hi chrismcdowell25,
with that description, it is hard to say what frog she might be talking about.
Some of the ones that come to mind are, azureus, sipiliwini, new river, auratus, darklands pumilio. You might Google these and see if it is what she is talking about.

Ill try to get more info and narrow it down. Maybe a better word to describe it would be metalic blue instead of silvery blue. Ill try to get more clues.

I have not gotten anymore info but I was wondering for a name confermation on this guy. ... 3smpic.jpg

They named it as D. Tinctorius

I was wondering also if each species comes in a large array of colors as I would like to get the same species but have some blue and maybe yellow frogs.

it was a tinc that she was talking about Kutari was the name of the morph. I ended up getting some tincs but in a cobalt morph. Thanks for the help.

Congrats on the new frogs!
Cobalts are great frogs.

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