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Best size tank for 1.2 imitator trio ?
I have seen a few people who keep and sell imitators in sexed trios and I was wondering what the best size enclosure should be for an imitator trio of 1.2

Also i thought most thumbnails were very territorial and more prone to stressing to the point of death in groups, are the imitators less territorial? Would it be better to keep them in pairs in 10 gal. verts if the plan is to try and breed them, or could you keep a trio in a slightly larger (like 20 or 30 gal) tank

I am asking becauseIi am thinking about getting my first thumbnail species and i would either like R. imitator Intermedius or perhaps a bastimentos variety (either red or orange) or man creek (I do know you should keep no more than 2 O. pumilio in a 10 gal. vert)

I am just trying to get as much information on them as I can before I choose. I have also have been reading up on thumbnail posts and care sheets (such as the ones on saurian) but haven't seen anything about keeping trios of imitators.

Thank you for your help.
We keep our trios of imitators in 15 gal. tanks. I wouldn't try to go any smaller than a 15 gal.
A 1.2 trio will be ok, the problem is space and if you have more than one male in a small area, they will spend all of their time wrestling, and could really care less about the available females.
Imitators would be great for your first thumbnails.
I know this is an old thread, just trying to learn as much as possible! Would imitators be good for a first frog or just for a first thumbnail? I would probably keep 2 or 1.2 in a 15 gallon. I am just trying to weigh all options and try to avoid any mistakes.
The only real drawback with imitators as a first frog is their speed - very fast and they have no problem shooting out of the vivarium if you are not paying close attention. Other then that, they are hardy and realtively easy to breed.

lol! Well I love the promise of lots of activity! While I am a newbie at amphibians, im not new at sneeky, devious critters.
I keep and bred Imitators in pairs or trios in 10Gal tanks. They do fine in my experience so long as there are plenty of hiding places, and many egg deposition sites.

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