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How many frogs in a 12" X 12" X 12" Exoterra

I am a newbie but I have kept reef tanks for 10 years plus so I am well aware of delicate and demanding systems. In a 12 inch cube tank (7.48 gals) how many dart frogs could I keep ? What do people suggest for the best first species ?

in all honesty, that tank is too small for any frogs. People seem to think that because the frogs are small, they do not need a lot of space, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Some people say a good rule of thumb is one frog per 5 gal size tank. As with everything else there are exceptions. We try to recommend one frog per 10 gal size tank.
Some frogs that would be suitable for the first time keeper are:
D. auratus
D. leucomelas
D. truncatus
D. galactonotus
P. terribilis
P. vittatus

I am interested in about 3 or 4 frogs total. Would some of the large Exo Terra set-ups work for this ? I really like the layout of those tanks.

A better approach might be to decide which frogs you are interested in keeping, then planning the tank to suit their needs.
The Exo-Terra tanks are nice looking tanks, but not very practical for dart frogs. A lot of people are using them, but for the cost of the tank itself, then the revisions you need to do to them, I would be inclined to go another route. I know a lot of people would disagree.

I want perhaps three of the bumblebee frogs. Would I get 2 females and one male ?? I am inclined to go stock tank as I already have a very custome reef tank so I am going for simplicity this time. I am leaning towards a larger Ext Terra tank and a misting system and really the whole works. I do wish to have a small pond as part of the display.

the 18x24 exo terra will be fine or 3. theree must be hundreds of people using them for darts. they have a nice vertical and decent ground space. but like cindy said those darts do well in groups. PS make is a jungle with plenty of plants and hiding spaces. the largest exo terras are about 35 gallons fyi.

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