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Best Sex Ratio for breeding ?
If you have frogs that are calling and matting is it better to have two males and one female? Or two females and one male? The frogs that I have at the moment calling are Leucs, Auratus, Vitatus. All comments and suggestions are welcome.
39 views and no replies. Does anyone have an answer? I know that there has to be someone here on this site qualified to answer it. Otherwise what’s the point of having this site? Please help.
With my larger frogs, I keep them in pairs since they are easier to sex. With the smaller frogs, I usually go with trios (1.2 or 2.1) since they are harder to sex (in my opinion). Extra females are bad because they will eat eggs (even amoung the so called "best in groups" species). I have heard one other person say extra males can and will eat eggs. I don't know if that is true or not.

So, two females is USUALLY not advised, and 2 males MAY not be the best.

If you have extra male leucs please PM me.
what i have seen with the "larger frogs" in groups is females fighting. which interrupts breeding, and can be very dangerous for the frogs doing battle. i have always had mine in pairs only.
i have not seen other frogs eating eggs yet, but i have heard of this happening.
now remember that the size of the vivarium can make alot of differance and maybe alittle luck Smile . my advice would be to stick with pairs.
Thanks for the replies everyone’s response has been very useful. At the moment I have only gotten clutches out of my Leucs and Hawaiian Auratuses. I have three Leucs in my 90 gallon tank and of the three I know which is the male and the breeding female. The third frog I am still not sure what sex it is since I haven’t heard it call. What’s strange is that one time I saw the female stroking the "it" frog. Does that make it a male??? About my Auratuses I have three frogs in a 20 Gallon tank and because they are constantly hiding I honestly don’t know if I have two males or two females. Is it strange if the Auratuses dig themselves a whole in the soil to hide? And is this safe for them?
the back stroking you witnessed, is probably a female / male interaction.

It is not that uncommon for auratus (as well as some others) to dig a hide hole in the substrate.

Thanks Cindy for alleviating my concerns. I was afraid that something bad might happen to them.

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