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Newbie here and of course Q's
Hey everyone im nick and have been bitten by the dart bug. I really like these little guys and will be getting 1 or more in the next weeks to come. I have my vivarium setup cant get pics but its easy to describe...
I have two hides both plant clay pots with holes cut in them on opposite ends of the cage. I have 2 small shallow water dishes on either end of the cage. One live plant at one end of the cage. And numerous clippings of leaves. I also have all of this sitting on spaghum moss. And this tanks a 20 Gal tall. The temps and humidity are this. Daytime : No higher than 84 on the warm side. Nightime : No lower than 73. Humidity : 80-90% during the day and 70% at night. I was thinking of adding a few darts soon thanks.
well let's start with your temp problem, its way to high. 70-80 in the range you shoot for and it can dip into the mid 60's at night. your humidity should at all times be 80-100. maybe more experienced people like cindy will chime in here.
Ok thanks will make the temp changes. I have a heating pad on the bottom so i will just shut it off the flourescent should get it up to 75 i bet. I also can soak the towel that i cover the top with to get the humidity up and can mist daily. Do PDF's produce their own heat..? Its a dumb question but my mind keeps telling me no but the low temps keep saying maybe..?

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