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vivaria w/ watefalls and ponds
I am interested in having a sizable pond for my frog tank. What do you folks use to filter this relatively small water volume. I was thinking some sort of internal filter and then have the return water be the waterfall water supply. Pics would be really great. In a 33-35 gallon tank I will have about 7-8 gallons of water so changing it frequently isn't practical and probably not best for stability of the system.
For smaller tanks with small volumes of water we use the Exo-Terra 501 turtle filters. ... cts_id=404
with the turtle filter you will have to drill your tank, it simply has no head pressure otherwise. there is a number of ways to make your water fall. if you use a internal pump i reccomend the maxi jets mini, 404 or the 606, you can also look into a small canister filter tha has some head pressure and a ball valve to control flow. do alot of research and planning you will have fun.
i made my waterfall going through a corkbark tube and falling into my pond area where i have several aqua plants growing and worked well for me. GL keep us posted.
i use a turtle filter in a tank which is not drilled.
well i was refering to 24 inches of height for my viv, i guess if you have a not so tall talk it works fine. i really wanted to use one for my tank for the filtering part alone.
how does one "section off" the pond?

i.e. is there basically water on the entire bottom of the tank or do you some how build a dam around the entire pond to keep the water at a certain place and the rest of the tank bottom dry???
You usually set a water level and use the clay balls to elevate your soil/coco fiber. I found that the clay balls float so I got some small rocks to put just in the pond part to hold back the clay.

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