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"True" Live Tropical Vivarium Moss

[Image: bj.jpg]

True Live Tropical Moss
[Image: trpm.jpg]

This truly tropical moss is one of the best for terrarium use. It creates a lush green carpet only 1/8"- 1/4" tall and is much faster growing than typical pillow mosses. It quickly spreads to cover substrate, wood and even the terrarium glass! Thin sheets are easy to mold around varying contours in the terrarium substrate. Portion is approx. 10" x 10". EXTREMELY LIMITED AVAILABILITY....DON'T WAIT....THIS PRODUCT ALWAYS SELLS OUT FAST AND MAY BE OUT OF STOCK FOR MONTHS IN BETWEEN!

15.99 per portion

Quantity Discounts Now Available!

Call Toll Free at 800-268-1813 or
Click on this link to order:

[Image: bj.jpg]

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