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Bromeliads!!! is now selling Bromeliads!
I've been getting my bromeliads from a guy in Florida for years. He produces bromeliads that are of the highest quality and lowest prices. Last year we began a partnership and he changed over his entire collection to broms that are suitable for darts. We are finally in a position to offer a selection of these plants. More will be added in the coming days.

All Broms will be shipped from Sunny Florida!

Order today at

Neoregelia 'Avalon' $11.99
[Image: bugs%205.jpg]
Neoregelia 'EOZ' $12.99
[Image: bugs%20002.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Fairy Paint' $10.99
[Image: bugs%202.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Fall in Love' $11.99
[Image: bugs%20001.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Fireball Striata' $8.49
[Image: bugs%201.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Jack Russell' $9.99
[Image: bugs%20004.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Juel' $10.99 SOLD OUT! MORE COMING SOON!
[Image: bugs%20010.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Kautskii x Pauciflora' $14.99
[Image: bugs%20008.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Little Joy' $8.49
[Image: bugs%206.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Lubersii' $7.99
[Image: bugs%20009.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Midget' $8.99
[Image: bugs%20011.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Rosa Morado' $9.99
[Image: bugs%208.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Strawberry Sundae' $8.99
[Image: bugs%20012.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Tar Baby' $10.99
[Image: bugs%20006.jpg]
Neoregelia 'Vulcan' $9.99
[Image: bugs%20005.jpg]
question are the 'midget' and the 'Tar Baby' sold in pot with multiple growths? or will they be sent as individual broms?
Midget-pot full (4-5 plants)

Tar Baby-2-3 plants per pot

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