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How do you keep condensation off the front glass ?
Is there anyway to keep the condensation from forming on the front glass ?
What size tank do you have?
Does the lid have any ventilation (screen)?
Condensation occurs primarily when there is a large temp difference between the inside of the tank and the room temp. What is the temp of the room, and the inside of the tank?
well right now they are in a 2.5 gallon because they are only a few months old.

i am getting ready to transfer them into a 10 gallon though.

both tanks have a glass top on them.

sadly i dont know the temp of either the tank or the room.

i have 2 luecs by the way.
If you are going to keep darts, you need a GOOD quality digital thermometer, this is a must! Temps in a closed tank with, with a light on it can get too warm for the frogs, and the only way you can monitor this is with a thermometer.
How much are digital ones ?

I dont have a light on the tank yet.

If the tank gets too hot, how does one go about cooling it off ?
They start around $15- $20.

Since you said you do not have a light on your tank yet, we need to determine what the temp in the tank is first, and also what the room temp is.
just buy a cooling fan (you can buy one at and also a digital thermometer
Condensation is probably because of the small tank size, wait till you get a larger one.
Look into one of these by Mike.
[Image: NWFF2007025.jpg]

Inexpensive and the vents keep the fronts really clean.
What is that thing !? lol
i dont mind the condensation its kinda like a natural enviornment for them
It's very hard to balance humidity, air flow and temp. I just deal with the condensation, haven't been able to remove it and keep the humidity up where I want it.

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