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Dart Book recommendation ?

Let me introduce myself. I am new to dart frogs and dart den. My name is Sarah and I live in Indianapolis. I don't really know what got me in to dart frogs, but I have 3 now and they are becoming somewhat an obssession. Anyway. I was wondering if there were any books on dart frogs someone could reccomend. I am not interested so much in a book about their care, but rather about the species. Please let me know what your suggestions are. Thanks so much!

A good 'coffee table' book is Poison Frogs - Jewels of the Rainforest by Jerry Wallis.

Has some very nice pics of a range of species along with some info.

thanks! i will definately check it out!

I recommend this book for beginners. ... 0793828937


Or try a forum sponsors book, that is in stock ready to ship:

Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems

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