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Leaving the hobby. I have for sale a 115 gallon paludarium. This enclosure won second prize in the 2006 Viaria Forums contest. You can go here to view details. ... .php?t=176

All origional tank inhabitants are all healthy and get along well (3 Cobalt Tinctorius poison dart frogs and 2 Phelsuma quadriocellata (peacock day gecko). The animals are valued at $350.00 (CDN).
I'm asking for $800.00 (CDN) for everything. This is for pick up only. I'm in the Chatham Ontario Canada area. Please, serious inquiries only. You can email me at
Sold seperately, I have a 36"high x 51"wide x 24"deep rack system with pull out shelves for 4 10G tanks and storage below (see below pics). Numerous other items such as aquariums, food, vitamins, rheostats, lighting accessories etc. will also be going. This add will be posted to several forums and classified add sites.

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