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is there any type of automatic feeders ?

is there any type of automatic feeder for fruit flies that you can attach to the tank?

you know something like a hamster maze, where the bugs have to find their way to the main tank?

sometimes feeding can be a pain.

what if you stuck a thin straw between the culture and tank?
if thin enough, it might be harder for them to find and also keep more then one at a time from going threw it. their might be plenty left in the culture to keep it producing.

some people have just put a fruit fly culture in the tank with their frogs with a hole cut in the side if they are going to be gone for a couple days but you should never use this for their sole source of food because you cannot monitor how many flies actually make it to the tank
how come you dont enjoy feeding your frogs? i find feeding them is an enjoyable part of my day : )

Just to add to what joeyo900 said, feeding this way is ok for short term, however keep in mind that the flys the frogs are eating will not have any supplements.
When we are going to be away for a few days, we will make up small cultures and time them so they are just starting to hatch when we add them to the tank, so not only will the frogs have some flys to eat, they can also feed on the larva.

i am able to enjoy things more when i dont have to work on them Smile

you guys give your frogs larvae?

how do you do that?

i just give them fruit flies that i roll in calcium and some other type of supplement my buddy gave me.

if you wish to feed ff larva you want to make the media a little extra wet it will cause the maggots to climb the side and you can scrap them off with what you like

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