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Newbie Checklist - Please help me make one
Hi Guys,

I am getting everything ready for my future friends. I plan on getting two D. leucomelas for my 18 x 18 x 24 exo terra terrarium. I have a small pond with a waterfall.

So far from reading these forums I have learned some very simple things that I and others never really thought about and should be done:

1. Filter the pond
2. Quarantine any/all frogs even if the enclosure is new.
3. Run tests on the frogs before adding them into the enclosure (still don’t know where to go about doing this)

Would someone help me put together a checklist of the things not everyone may know? Maybe get a sticky for it? If one already exists I would love a link to it Smile
i think a lot of people do #2.
for #3, you can goto for info.

i think some do #1, but from what i hear its not really needed because the frogs don't live in the water like fish. tadpoles would breathe the water, but they live in stagnant water in the wild and eat the organic matter that a filter would probably remove (like the tanins)
Is there anything other then what I have listed that should be done that not everyone may think of?
something i have seen very few do, and isn't really needed is to expand the surface area of thier vivs by adding caves into backgrounds and substrate.

alot of vivs have big hills/mountains against thier back which really cuts down on surface area. but if you hollow out the mountains/hills and make them caves, then they would add to the surface area and provide more room for the animals in the tank.

as an example...the tank i'm working on:
[Image: sub3.jpg]
Be sure to get your fruit flys going before you get the frogs. I would suggest getting your materials about a month before you get your frogs, this should give you enough time to get the hang of culturing.

Invest in a GOOD digital temp/humidity gauge. Be sure your temps are within range before you add the frogs to your setup.

Is it silly to assume that if you buy frogs from the Frye Brothers they will have already been tested for parasites and whatnot?
Don't assume, just ask him.


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