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How much light for a Vivarium ?
OK, the ever popular question HOW MUCH LIGHT ? All my plants are doing OK not great I know I am lacking lighting I have two 40 watt fluorescent in there now full spectrum from the local hydroponics place. I am going to put a 125 full spectrum florescent light in there in addition. Now those hippies are telling me for a 150 gallon tank i.e. 60"long 18"wide 20"tall I should be looking at 400 watts of lighting ! That just seems like way to much. I think are use to growing something a little different if you know what I'm saying. I do want my plants to fill in the tank and look good but I do not want my frogs to wear SPF50 and ray-bans. I would love a little help. Pictures will be soon.
I'd say 200-250 watts of high effeciency lights (pc's, t-5 ho) to start with, 400 watts may be doable, but you might have heat problems.
Brian T. Sexton
400 watts is puffin' crazy.
All of my vivs that have plants other than pothos have one watt or less per gal.
Frogs don't need the light, other than mostly ambient. Plants that need more light than the frogs will most likely not be found where the Darts live. Darts are not baskers.
Also, yes you would have major heat issues with 400 W.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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O.K Thank you I was thinking about adding a 125 watt full spectrum bulb. I was told this bulb will produce vary little heat. I could stand a little heat my ViV maintains a 72-74 degree tempter some times 75 but vary rarely. The only thing is this Bulb is running about $75 and buying a $75 bulb right around x-mas is not the best thing for a marriage. haha. If you helpful people know of a cheep on line place thank you.
Those temps sound fine as is.
A good place to look for cheap, high tech, lighting gear: ... ngItemList
Otherwise, you could consider a couple shop lights if you really want to go cheap.
Brian T. Sexton

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