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breeders/giant orange/azureus/lorenzo/citro/blue sip....More
just had a baby and need to reduce the number of frogs that i have. been needing to do this for some time but finaly have a reason!!!
**adult male and female brizilian yellow heads. 1 yr old - no eggs yet - but i have seen the male calling. *****SOLD
**mint terribillis - have 2 unknow sexed frogs - little over a yr old. i assume they might be females - have not seen or herd calling
**1.1 blue sips (breeding pair of )- they are about 1 1/2 yrs old and laid 4 clutches of eggs - and produced 3 froglets for me
**1.1 citronella pair - have not started to breed yet - they are about 1 yr old each
**1.1 lorenzo pair - they breed ALOT for me - they drop eggs as much as everyweek. i have about 30 tads in the water. NOT AVALIABLE
**powder Blues -have 2 unknown sexed frogs - 10 months old - i think they aree females
**azureus trio - they are close to three yrs old - they breed and produced many tads and frogletts for me.
**giant orange - i have a male and female - not proven - i am 100% sure 1 is a female and 90% sure the other is a male.
female is 3 yrs old and the male is 1 yr old. they are from different blood lines. male is from patricks line and the female is from canada.
the female is doing great and eats like a pig - i have had her for close to 6 months tring to breed with my extra males - but have had no luck. the male is a offspring from my breeding parents. he is fat and i have tried moving him from differnt tanks, tring to get him to breed with different females - but also no luck. the male is a bit shy, and i am not 100% sure i will even sell him- i want to make sure he completly healthy. i think from all the tank swaping he has stressed out a bit. but lets hope by the time someone wnats him he will be back to normal -if not i will not sell him.
also have babies
- 7 - patricia babies - about 4months out of the water - 35.00 each
- 1 orange terribillis - about 7 months old - he is a bit small but eats well - 50.00
- 5 cobalts - about 4 months out of the water - 25.00
- 5 - luecs - about 2 months out of the water - 30.00
- 2 - giant orange babies - about 2 months out of the water 95.00 each
i am not shipping - NOT SHIPPING AT ALL - i might be willing to meet -
i live in the frederick MD area
brizilian yellow head pair- 175.00
mints - 85.00 each
blue sips pair- 200.00
citronella pair- 175.00
lorenzo pair - 300.00 - may be a bit high but i do not really want to sell them anyway
powder blue - 50.00 each
azureus trio - 200.00
giant orange female 200.00
giant orange male - 150.00
will concider best offers.
not really looking for trades - but i would take matechos if you got em. or looking for male reginas

mints(photo flash makes them look a bit more yellow)
[Image: normal_DSC02960.JPG]
azureus - this is the female with eggs
[Image: normal_DSC01728.JPG]
male giant orange
[Image: normal_DSC02478.JPG]
[Image: normal_DSC02973.JPG]
Female giant orange
[Image: normal_DSC02975.JPG]
patricia babies
[Image: normal_DSC02964.JPG]
brizilian yellow heads
[Image: normal_DSC03184.JPG]
[Image: normal_DSC03188.JPG]
1 of the lorenzo adults with a baby. bay not for sale the other adult is seen in the hut to the right
[Image: normal_lorenzo~0.jpg]
Blue sips
[Image: normal_bluesip.jpg]
citros - picture is a few moths old and they have grown - i will try to update soon
[Image: normal_cit~0.jpg]
more pictures
[Image: normal_cirtonela.jpg]
[Image: normal_azureus.jpg]
again not shipping
but i will toss in there tank for free -all are in well planted 10 gallons

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