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what makes a species of Dart Frog harder to keep than others

Well, I was wondering what makes one particular Dart Frog harder to keep than any other Poison dart frogs ? I would like to try to keep R. ventrimaculatus and possibly O. pumilio, but what makes them classified Intermediate to more experienced than say Dendrobates auratus or Dendrobates tinctorius ? They all seem to be able to be kept at about the same temp and same humidity, so what exactly makes them harder to keep ? They all pretty much eat they same insects - springtails, Pin head crickets and Fruit flies, so just how do some hobbyists consider some intermediate, advanced or even expert ?

Theoretically, as long as you provide the right temps, humidity, and food, you could keep ANY animal.

But I think its more of an issue of how delicate and sensitive the animal is to changes in its environment, as well as raising potential froglets.

Or maybe its just a way to keep beginners from breeding 'expert' frogs so that the frog experts can continue to sell and profit off them before they drop in price due to having such a large amount available. :lol:

Also it can be a matter of being able to sex the frogs as this can lead to territorial issues, and stress.
It can also be a question of how much money does someone just getting into the hobby want to spend on their first frog, $30 or $150?

thanks, to that i have an 18x18x24 exo terra i wanna keep a few frogs in it later...wanna add a misting system into it still and modify the top and front grates. I plan on getting a culture of fruit flys and raising a few batches first to make sure i can do it what would you say i could keep in there...Tho i know its not the largest thing someone should be using from what i've read now...Would thumbs be better or could i put the Den auratus kind in that...

heres how my tank currently is...Ah and I plan on making a few 10gal Verts later what do ppl keep in those frog wise could a pair go in one?

[Image: 000_0007.jpg]
[Image: 000_0006-1.jpg]

That's a nice looking tank Marko.
You might consider putting 2 or 3 auratus, or a couple of luecomelas in that tank.
As for 10 gal verticals, imitators or ventrimaculatus would be a good choice for that set up. I wouldn't try to put more than 2 of either in a 10 gal vertical though.
I'm glad to hear that you will try to culture fruit flys before you get your frogs!
Keep us posted on what you decide to get in the way of frogs.

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