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Perspective on Pumilio Size and Color
I have been reading some posts on pums regarding the color and size of the froglets parents are throwing and I am getting a bit concerned (again) about the groups certain pums are being thrown into.

Every single pum froglet I have seen morph out has substantially different coloration than its parents, with the slight exception of Darklands which morph very, very, dark blue-black-purple and change to very dark blue-black-purple. This coloration changes but will not necessarily duplicate the color or pattern of the parents. I have female Nancies that are light , solid orange, that throw dark solid orange, dark spotted orange, light spotted orange, and light orange. I have Cayo de Aquas that throw spotted backs and no spotted backs. I have San Cristobals that throw deep red-orange and light orange backs. My point is, if you are trying to label most import pums by the froglets they are producing you may be thrown for a loop.

Also, size is not a great yard stick unless you are 100% sure your WCs are full grown adults. I have a pair of breeding Cayo de Aquas that started producing healthy froglets at less than half (closer to a third) of the bulk of their parents. A Darklands group sitting on my brother's desk started producing at about half the bulk size of their parents. You may get breeders that still have quite a bit of growing yet to do. Both the groups I mentioned have been producing froglets for about six months and are still growing.

The size of the egg or froglet is not relative to the size of the parent. I have seen Darklands morph out huge in comparison to the parent. I have seen San Cristobals that were miniscule in comparison to mommy. I'd have to say the size of the froglet depends much more on the parenting skills than the size, shape, or color of the parent.
There is a lot more to simple genetics than labeling by sight.

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