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First Viv and first time with plants
So I'm starting my first viv. Right now I've got a 20 gal. I think I've got everything under control. Except the plants. I've been into reptiles for a while, I know how to build a terrarium. But one thing I have no experience in is plants.

I'm not going to make a vertical viv. So I wanted to know what kinds of plants are commonly available and also not very tall. I want a couple broms, and some kind of moss coverage, and thats all I know. Could I get some suggested types to start looking for? Also I've read about some plants being "air" plants. Does this mean that it doesn't need to root to anything? Then how does it stay in place?

Thanks everyone, and I love the forums, SO much to read!
when choosing plants for the vivarium, you want to look for plants that will tolerate the moist, warm conditions, and that will respond to pruning.
There are some different forms of creeping fig that will make a nice ground cover, and can be trained to grow on your background (corkbark, treefern , or CocoS panel).
I would suggest looking at some of the photo galleries, a lot of time people will post what plants they have in their tanks. This way you can get an idea of what will work, and what the plants will grow to look like.
Air plants usually do not work well in the small vivariums. Air plants grow in tree tops where their have constant air flow. They get their nutrients from the air, and do not like being constantly wet. In the tree tops they can dry out with the air flow.

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