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New B. Got an Aruatus

I just got my first dart home today. My tank is a 10 gallon with Damp Paper Towels as bedding and many plastic plant clippings covering the whole bottom of the cage. I also have a half log in their for extra hiding. My temps are holding steady with two days of not opening the tank with a flourescent light on its holding at 76. It dips to 68 at night also. The humidity i keep above 80% with a daily misting. I just got him/her home and its not very active. Its an Aruatus Green/Black is this a shy species? Can it be housed with any other darts? Thanks here's some pics! Sorry of their huge.

[Image: 9743d1168118820-new-add-dart-frog-img_0613_1.jpg]
[Image: 9744d1168118820-new-add-dart-frog-img_0615_1.jpg]
[Image: 9745d1168118820-new-add-dart-frog-img_0622_1.jpg]

D. auratus (like most herps) are usually shy in the first few weeks in a new enclosure. After a while, they will get used to it, and you might see your frog more often.

If there is a lot of humidity, D. auratus tend to be more active. At least that is the case with mine.

It helps to have a background, it makes them feel more secure. Good luck!

Quote:Can it be housed with any other darts?
If you mean other species, it is not a good idea. auratus are pretty docile, but could get stressed out by other species, and the other species may be aggressive, out-competing it for food, etc. The people who do mix species generally have a ton of experience and use very large enclosures.
If you mean other individual frogs, it should be fine if the other frog is the same size. In other species, females may be aggresive. That is usually not the case with D. auratus.


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