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Subadult Yellow Truncatus

Vivarium Concepts has yellow truncatus available.
Yellow truncatus are a great frog for someone just starting in the hobby or colorful addition for the experience hobbyist.
Truncatus are one of the smaller sized dendrobates with an adult size of 1"-1.25", they do well in small groups with an appropriate size vivarium. They've got a lot of personality for a little frog!
We have a few available, we are offering these for $300 for a group of four shipping included.
These are subadults, not to be confused with other breeders offering froglets
Shipping is via Fed Ex overnight and will depend on weather conditions.
Contact us today to place your order, quantities are limited.

See pictures at this link. ... itemId=378

All of the sub adult yellow truncatus we had available, have been spoken for.
We do have a few froglets, that are ready to go.

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