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Tank size for 3 Different Dart Frogs ?
I want to get an azureus, turquoise, and green and black poison dart frog, but I do not want to house them in different tanks. What size enclosure would I need to house a breeding pair together ?
could someone please try to answer me
I will try to answer your question, but I am a little confused.
Do you want to buy all three of the frogs you have listed?
Do you want to put all three in the same enclosure?
Are you wanting to get pairs of the frogs you have listed?

The frogs you have listed, if you want to do a male/ female pair, each male female pair will need at least a 10 gal size tank, and if you can afford it, a 20 gal would be better.
i would like all three in a couple of months so i would like to get some advice
they would all be in different cages except the male and female of the same species would live in the same cage, i would put them in a 20, but would it be vertically or long be better for them, and if i had male and female together would they need a bigger cage????
A 20 gal tank in the standard horizontal configuration would be great for a pair of azureus.
ok, thanks for the advice i want to do some reaserch first though
would it work for all the other types of frogs listed??
A pair of any of the frogs you have listed would do well in that size tank.
ok, thank you very much

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