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MY "Site Specific" or Locale specific Oophaga pumilio
It's been a bit since I posted any info about the pums I am working with.
I have had a few questions asked of me recently and I know a lot of froggers are confused (me included) at times with different pumilio situations.

I have had good fortune with most of my morphs and have been releasing a few pumilio to the public. Please understand that when I post a pumilio for sale or offer a pumilio for trade I either have 100% sure site locals or am 100% sure of it's morph local.

The vast majority of the Darts I work with were brought in from Panama for research by Dr. Jerry Urquhart of MSU. Some have been released to me and are basically on "breeding loan." I have produced F1, F2, and F3s of certain morphs and at times will be selling froglets.

I want to drill home that just because a pumilio is labeled an "X" unless there is documentation on specific site locals there is no way of knowing with any certainty what morph the pum is.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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Here's a 6 year old thread where Rich lays this all out, pretty openly.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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