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more detailed question on mixing

Ok, so i've read numerous posts saying that its never ok to mix more than a single species in a tank, and the info on says that many of the frogs can be mixed, provided sufficient space. Since everyone's answers always seem so polarizing, it is difficult to find actual advice on what species are especially good or bad at cohabitating.

I am looking to set up a 40 gal tank and am adamant on having two different species since i will only have 3-4 frogs in the tank. So, i am looking for some practical advice on which species would make this possible. I know that tincs and azureus should never be paired because they are both very territorial and can create hybrids, but i'm not sure if the best pairing would try to differentiate between terrestrial and arboreal so that they wouldn't bother each other, or if i should look for less aggressive or territorial species, even if they are both terrestrial? Also, would you want two water sources in different parts of the tank or any other special type of setup to help keep them both happy?

So my question is, if you had to put two species into a 40 gallon, which two would you pick? would some species cohabitate better as a sexed pair, or as a solo frog (assuming there is a sexed pair of another species in the tank.) Would 1 tinc and 2 auratus work? or 1 azureus and 2 vents? Since i already have the tank and stand and several supplies, suggestions such as "just get two 20 gallon's instead" aren't a possibility. I am very flexible when it comes to which species of frogs to get, so i would really appreciate some advice on what might work best with the setup that i have. Thanks,

- Mike

While I do not recommend mixing in such a small enclosure as 40 gallons, you seem set on doing it, so in my opinion the best type of dart frogs to mix would be Leucomelas and Auratus. They both get along well in groups, and are not as territorial as tincs and others.

Also, my local zoo mixes these two together, but the enclosure is probably closer to 3600 gallons. (10 feet by 12 feet by 4 feet high. It is actually more than 15 feet high, but that is not all useable space.) I was there yesterday and they had a lot of Leucs and Auratus and even another one, but I was not sure what it was.

^ the "other one" may very well have been a hybrid.

Hi Mike,
Leucs and Auratus can/have/do hybridize.

If you have a large enough area (the wild) Darts can and will co-habitat. A 40 gal is not large enough to house two species. I have experimented ( with a 90 gal) , and know many others who have, with nothing but negative results. Zoos are very far from a great yardstick to use for mixing advise. Their goal is to wow people by all the pretty colors while destroying any clutches due the strong probability of hybridization. Sometime a hybrid froglet will sneak by. Now what? A great representation of something you will never see in the wild.
I know advise not to mix is not what you are looking for but I can't help but voice what just about every experienced breeder knows from personal experience.
A 40gal tank is by no means too large for a pair of any single species Dart you choose.


Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

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the mixing arboreal with terrestrial frogs is something the europeans do...but usually in vivs which are HUGE. a 40 is not a big tank.

i'll also point out that rich and others sell frogs. it would be more profitable to say "sure, throw 20 frogs of any mix into a 40 gal!" so when someone gives advice which works against the profitabitlity of their business, i would heed that advice.

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