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How to Euthanize a Dart Frog ?
I believe that I will have to euthanizing a froglet that is "mid morph". It has nice strong back legs but the front legs are tiny and not being used for swimming. The foot is curled under on one of the front legs.

What is the most humane way to euthanize ?
I would just use a hammer or something that is quick and painless I would think that anything else other than kind of smashing the poor guy would just be letting him suffer...Even though that sounds kind of harsh I would think its one of the easier ways
What about slowly decreasing the temp in a fridge or freezer. That way he wll just fall asleep. I have also heard that fish people use cod oil or something.
A HAMMER!?! Sounds messy, I like the cold temp idea better. I can tell you this... the exhaust from your car is painless people who have died while working on their cars in a closed garage never knew what hit them. I am a police officer and I have spoke with people who had near death experiences and they have stated that they didn't feel a thing and had know idea the exhaust was affecting them until they passed out, luckily a family member or friend finds them before long term damage is done. You can try putting him in a container and setting it under your exhaust pipe MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A VENTILATED AREA FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!! I have done this method with a sick hamster and it seemed painless and he seemed to fall asleep rather quickly. R.I.P. Scooter
martinshaver Wrote:What about slowly decreasing the temp in a fridge or freezer. That way he wll just fall asleep. I have also heard that fish people use cod oil or something.

I think you mean clove oil. I'm not sure if it would work the same with frogs or not, but it might be worth a try.
flush, swisssh done. is that wrong? it's like a burial @sea?no
I remember reading a post about the pros and cons of different euthanizing techniques. In my humble opinion blunt trauma is fast but who can say if it's painless, plus its messy and leaves me feeling bad. When I've had SLS tadpoles I remove most of the water from their container and quickly pop them into the freezer and shut the door. I still feel bad but it's less messy and violent. I have noticed that if you let SLS tadpoles morph out they will usually die on their own due to drowning as they cannot lift their heads out of shallow water.
Please read Euthanasia for Amphibians By Edward Kowalski
Interesting, I know freezing is a far from ideal method but it would be hard to procure some of the items mentioned. Anyone have experience using Orajel or (ethyl?) alcohol to euthanize?
it is inhumane to hammer a frog to death! put a drop or two on the back of the head of benzocaine for teeth found at walgreens for teeth pain or oragel for baby tething. It will put the frog to sleep like your vet would put the dog to sleep to euthanize it. No pain involved. do not use a hammer!!! it is a cruel and most would agree an inhumane way to treat an animal.
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