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frog not eating

I have a Tinc Oelemari that isn't eating. He seems to want to eat..goes after the flies and snatches them with his tongue, but....then he spits them out like they don't taste good.

Today I saw him squatting funny....he would then stick his tongue out and swallow hard like maybe he had something stuck in his throat.

He isn't thin at fact, he's probably a bit over fed as I have this over abundance of flies and I've been very generous lately in thier servings. Is it possible to over feed these guys, and if so would fasting him help the situation or could it be something more serious ?

the part about squatting and swallowing hard sounds like it could just be the frog eating it's skin after shedding. if you haven't seen them do it before, it looks really weird.

i don't know about spitting out a food item which was accepted before...?

Nope, it's not the skin...I've seen that before.

She'll zap up a fly and then stick her tongue back out and drop it off. She'll manage to get a few down....3 maybe 4...and then she'll zap them up and spit them out. I have no idea what's up with her. She's not underweight as far as I can tell...but I've only just noticed this behavior this past week.

wow, wish i could help. if the frog is still pooping, you could scoop a sample and send it to dr. frye. maybe the doc. can help....

Well, I fasted the frog for a few days and it was eating normally this morning. I think maybe she was just overfed......but I can't say for sure. I'll be keeping an eye on her...and yes, I did see a fresh turd in there this morning

I did send some fecal to Dr Frye when I first got the frogs about a year and a half ago.....and they were all clean. I havn't added any new frogs or anything since....though parasites certainly can be something to consider.

I would send samples about every six months to a year just to be safe with all my frogs???

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