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~Car neon on a 10viv ? IT HAS BEEN DONE ! my 1st viv (pics)
First off, big thanks goes out to all the guys across the board who have been there to help me along my bumpy, and at times ULTRA NEWB like journey. Lots of inspiration and ideas came off the great folk on this board.

I figured a small project was in order. No need to go WAY big right off the bat. Besides, how else would I learn how long it would take till I keeled over wafting up GE II fumes ?

The story unfolds when I adopted a scuzzy, old fish tank.
Exibit A below.
[Image: normal_aa.jpg]

Little lemon juice, sharp edge of a flat razor, and a couple beers produced this :
[Image: normal_q3.jpg]

Thinking that this viv was to be a horizontal layout... I went ahead and tweaked out a fold up air vent. Couple more beers.... and waaa laaaa !
[Image: normal_q2.jpg]

Not sure if it was the beers or the fact that I figured no one wanted to see the typical foam -2- GE II- 2- substrate step, I opted not to take any pics.

We'll fast forward to a couple days later when my wanna be waterfeature went terrible askew, that I amended my view to just rip out the pump for the feature. Well,.... forearms of steel do have their drawbacks,... and I suppose when I put to much pressure on the tank doing so it CRACKED ! And not even on the side or back or floor,... it just had to crack from the FRONT SIDE VIEWING AREA ! EJOLEeeeeeeee ! (smacks self in head)
(See below as I sealed it, taped the outside crack, then GREAT STUFFed over that )
[Image: normal_1q1.jpg]

The vertical viv soon began taking shape as I installed the front door, side swing living hinge, door opener, door lock, upper and lower tank trim, etc...
[Image: normal_3232.jpg]

Shot of the fan hooked in with "directional foils" to assist in directing the air to the front of the tank under the upper hood. I tested it, and dammm... it does work a bit better ? And here I just thought I could have more fun chopping up more plexi ? Tongue
[Image: normal_fan.jpg]

Special attention was alloted to DETAIL thinks such as recessing the bottom of the tank into the lower trim, triming out the upper vent and lower retaining front wall with black plastic, clean as possible wire install on the lights under the hood, small lock and door opener, blah blah blah.

Next came the fun part of texture painting the lower and upper trim along with the left side of the tank. Using a couple colors, sponge and rag... I color washed the texture paint once it was dry and then came back with darker tones for accent. I installed a cut piece of slate tile in the lower trium and 2 4inch pieces in the top.
lower trim :
[Image: normal_frog6.jpg]

I went to the local Auto Zone and picked up that neon wire used to trim accents in cars that normally bounce up and down, and or seem to be cop magnets ? (mine use to be one) I cut off the cigarrette adapter and wired it to a 12v transformer. Cut a groove in the bottom trim to recess it and ........ well.......... enough of me BLABBEN.... here are the pics :

[Image: normal_frog2.jpg]
ON :
[Image: normal_frog4.jpg]
[Image: normal_frog5.jpg]
[Image: normal_frog3.jpg]

The new inhabitants ! Check out the spots on one of them !
[Image: normal_ff1%7E0.jpg]
[Image: ff2%7E0.jpg]

Thanks again to all the cool folks on here, Cris for the frogs, Antone for the plants, the girfriend that was subjected to all the neglect while I built this.. and to beer... ENJOY !
~ carlos
Very nice Carlos!

I didn't see where you mentioned what size tank this is.

Sorry about that.... the tank is a 10 gallon. I have a 40 display and a 30 in the garage just begging' to be amended into a viv ! I have many wild, and cool ideas for the 40 ! Maybe end of the year ... it will begin Wink
beautiful work. the outside trim is an inspiration. can't wait to see your next endevour.
Well, the frogs seem happy and content. They continue to gorge at the mere sight of any FF's coming into the viv. Amazingly bold ! They are out all day , only tucking in the for the night out of view. Cool little leucs Wink Ready for a new tank for a group of azureus !

[Image: newfrogs1.jpg]

[Image: newfrogs2.jpg]

Leucomelas are great frogs, bold, colorful, and males have a beautiful call.
Carlos, you might want to do a little more reasearch before you do a "group" of azureus.
Sorry there Wink by group I meant 2 Wink... should have said "pair" Wink
very impressive for a first tank! I cant wait to see your larger endeavors.
That is absolutely fantastic! I love it!

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