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Toxicity levels in the wild
I was just curious as to how poisonous some of the more common frogs that all of us have in our terrariums are in the wild??? Can anyone tell me I have a bronze and green, green and black, cobalt, bumblebee and im not sure which on this is but it is purple with black spots down its back. I would appreciate it if someone could just let me know what some of the more poisonous frogs are compared to the lesser ones. Thanks!!! MIKE
I know that the most poisonous is the Golden Poison Dart (Phyllobates terribilis). Their poison is classified as a neurotoxin and can cause anywhere from minor irritation to hallucinations and vasoconstriction. more than 100 toxins can be found in them in the wild. I've tried searching around for a list of their toxic levels. The most I can come up with is that of all the species only three are lethal; with the rest only causing a displeasent taste.
Also two micrograms of poison from a pdf is enough to kill a human. From what I've read they have like 200 milligrams of poison (not sure how accurate that is). To give you and idea; the ink in a period at the end of the sentance is 6 micrograms.
Is there any real science links to back these up? I am also curious how quick of a touch would kill you.
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