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The myth of licking the back of a dart frog
Hi, I've had a successful Dart aquarium for at least five years. I'm astounded by their brilliant colors and behaviors. So tell me. What would really happen with the myth that if someone were to lick the back of a PDF. I'm interested in personal experiences someone may know of another, or possibly something one may know of from a personal experience. Please, this is only a project that's inspired by a personal hobby. Thanks.

I think you have the dart frogs confused with the Colorado River Toad (Bufo alvarius).

Here is some information:

yep thats the good one...stay away from any others, cine their ratio of toxins that will mess you up to stuff that will make you trip is much less favorable usually.(not that this one is absolutely safe)...and dont lick it. you milk it and smoke the dried secretion.....not that i've ever done it.

I would...but i havent. Can only be milked a few times a year i think, and it is very stressful for the animal, so its not really a nice thing to do.
Cindy I have to laugh you have info on D@MN near every thing! Great Job keep it up. Smile
The Cane Toad (Bufo marinus) is also one that can be licked to give a trip. I have one as a pet and wouldn't recommend it. I haven't done it. If it is toxic enough to kill my cat or my great dane then it can't be good for me. I wish to outlive them both. If your that desperate, a vivarium would be a great place to grow some good marijuana, if you know how to trim it to give alot of buds. Not that I have tried that mind you, but the conditions are rather perfect.
Grow mushrooms
Marinus is the one that has killed a few people i believe....and is often mistaken for the colorado river toad as the one your supposed to lick (but like i said, u actually milk em, then smoke it). So if your ever gonna do it, make sure its the colorado toad, and not the marinus
I lick all my pets on the back daily for good measures. I've been fine so far.
ROFL but sports doc at dendro actually has a mint licked on Conan o'brien on his show. though they are harmless in captivity, they do still carry some poisons, but not enough to cause a reaction to skin...mucous membranes like the tongue is different. i believe this was a third generation mint and the guy reported tingling on his tongue but no ill effects, and they are considered one of the most poisonous in the wild. in captivity no. in saying that, i have treated a mint for a possible bacterial/fungal infection that got better and touched everyday. it was very jump from the infection caused from stress i believe and would jump out of quarantine. i touched him or her 12 months of age probably a dozen times, catching in my hand. this is also a 4th generation mint. kristy
Anyone see the new national geographic ?
Sitting_duck Wrote:I lick all my pets on the back daily for good measures. I've been fine so far.

Hilarious. May hafta start a "Best Quotes" here on DD...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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