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25 gallon tall
Ok here is my first attempt...its a 25 gallon tall that has not been planted due to the fact I am still waiting on my plants from Black Jungle. I made the mistake of not waiting until my coco fiber was dry before mounting it to the gs background so some of it fell off, but not to worry I will hide the openings with plants. I have a small exoterra pump that supplies the water to my malaysian driftwood trickle and a fogger. The pump is hidden via a habiscape cave that you see in the pond. The fogger is hidden under the log. Though you cant really see the cord for the fogger it was dipped in silicone and coco applied to it to make it look like a vine. I will post more pictures when I plant it. If my pictures are too small I am sorry this was the best I can do. I tried to make them bigger but it didn't work the files were too big.
Looks like you have a good start.
It is a little difficult to tell, but you may have some issues with your substrate being too saturated, unless this is going to be a bog vivarium.
What do you plan to house in this?
I ordered a plant for the pond a few air plants and a creeping fig. Forgive me for not knowing the names at this time I am still learning, all plants are coming from BJ.
Too wet, hmmm... I have 3 to 4 inches of bedding on top of the terra lite. The water does fill the whole bottom of the tank and is not touching the bedding (about and inch under the substrat). Should I have sectioned off the pond and not let the water flow into the terra lite? Do you think I should drain some of the water?

Thanks Cindy!
Like I said, it's hard to tell, but it looks pretty damp.
Even though the substrate is not touching the water, the water can wick through the hydroton (terra lite), and where you have the substrate at the ponds edge.

Trying to section off a water area usually just ends up leaking. The usual way to do this is to do a false bottom, this is where the substrate is elevated above the water by a means of pvc spacers and egg crate ( ceiling/ lighting grid) . If you can drain some of the water it would help, but keep in mind that you will need enough water for the fogger to function.
Glad to help.

I will try and drain the some of the water then...thanks again for your help...I don't mind so much that I didnt do this one was lets say my rough draft before I start construction on my 55gal. I will deff put in the false bottom as you suggested in that one!
I was at homdepot spending like a million dollars on my next project (more on that later) and I stumbled across these two lonely guys. Butterwort (ping) and a Cobra Lilly (spelling) I know they are canivs but I couldn't help it. Some kid would have just bought them and fed them hamburger meat! So I adopted them and threw them in my tank. Besides I am tired of waiting for my plants from BJ its been like three weeks now.
PS I know the pictures are small Sad
My ping up close well as up close as it lets me post.
Cobra Lily up close.
By the way I got them both for a total of $5.00 great price!!!!
Are you planning to put any animals in this enclosure?

I ask because you wrote that you had a fogger under the driftwood. It is my understanding that if an animal gets in the same water as the fogger, it could kill it. That is why most foggers are kept outside the vivarium and the fog is piped in through hoses.

If you will not have animals in there, than it is not a problem.
I am not putting any darts in this one. This was a test run for my first tank. My sister gave me 5 ten gals and two 20gals long so I am practicing and honing my skills for my attempt on a 55gal. I am aware of the fogger and shocking darts in the tank. I was just using it for some eye candy! Thanks for looking out for me though thats why I love this forum!
Here is an update on this tank. I covered some of my mistakes on the back ground. I am still waiting on plants from BJ this is the longest I have ever had to wait from them.

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