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Zoomed 501 Canister Filter

Do you have to drill the tank to use this ? I am a little confused I have seen both posts where they say they have to, and some say they don't, I also saw a post that the guy used a sump! Someone please set me straight...I don't want to drill the tank if I don't have to! I have know idea how to do that...Hmmm...sounds like a challenge for one of my smaller tanks Smile Is there any benefit to drilling the tank? I know, I know its a lot of questions. What do I need to drill a tank. Can you give me an equipment list ?

you can run the two hoses through the lid to avoid drilling the tank. the lift may become an issue in a very tall tank, as the pumps are not super powerful.

you can get diamond drill bits on line, and pop them on a power drill just like any other drill bit. TEMPERED GLASS CAN NOT BE DRILLED. you have to make sure the glass you are drilling isn't tempered or you will shatter it. local glass shops often will drill glass for you, and sometimes saltwater/reef specialist pet stores. it's not cheap, but if you just need one tank drilled it may be cheaper than buying the drill bit and getting it shipped.

because it is a small canister filter, it is sort of a tiny sump...but still. a sump would not be used in conjunction with a 501.

Thanks for the info. Stupid question... How can I tell if the tank is temp glass?

i would assume, by asking where u bought it, or it should say in the box it came in, if there was one.

The tanks are hand me downs. No box and no idea where they were purchased from. Thanks for you reply.

Usually only the bottom of the tanks are tempered glass. Or at least all the ones I have seen anyway. I have used the fluval 501 and I didn't really like it at all. For me it was way too hard to open and a pain in the neck to get the water flowing after you changed the filter media. The upper spray bar would disconect its self and fall into the water. Cleaning the plastic tubing was also not very fun. I had to push paper towels through the tubing using a rod to clean it of debris. Plus the little black part on the bottom of the in take tube opens and closes if you open it it will break apart. Mine fell apart after trying to clean some debris out of it. But I do have to say that I used it with my red ear slider and they produce much more waste then frogs ever will therefore needing frequent water changes and changes of the media. But I would never use it again after using it for my turtle. Spent too much time getting aggrivated and cursing at the stupid thing lol. In my opinion there are better filters out there that are much easier to use then that one. But I have also seen a lot of people post on how great it is and love it so much they wouldn't use anything else.

Sounds like a pain! LOL....Thanks for the input!

by the way, i've shattered 55 gal and even 20 talls which had tempered sides (not bottoms). not helpful, but true.

Well I have one 55gal I am not starting that one until I have constructed a few more... I am a noobie. My specialty is carnivorous bog terr. I have a few tanks sitting around waiting for some inhabitants Smile I have completed a 30gal tall waiting to be planted BJ shipping behind. I am now working on a 20gal long when I am done with that one I am going to start on my 10gals............Thanks for the input!

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