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Where do you purchase or obtain your moss ?
I've always wondered where do you purchase or obtain your moss?

is it at a local garden store?
over the net ?
in your backyard ?

what mosses are preferred for a Green and Black Dart Frog (Dendrobates auratus)

I am working on a 20 gal, vert, vivarium.
remember that auratus like floor space, as they are mostly terrestrial. i keep a pair in a 20 long, and am working on a 40 gal breeder tank for a group of 5. you could probably get by with a pair in a 20 vert, but definitely not more....and i personally would give them a bit more floor space.
Yea, I wasnt too sure if i should do it vert or not, and I only planned on getting a pair.

I was debating if i should get a pair of 2 female or 1male 1 female... but i if i did that id have to worry about eggs
Well, a lot of auratus are tricky to sex, and you don't often see them offered as sexable individuals.
You don't have to deal with eggs if you don't want too, you can leave them in the tank and let nature take it's course...though I'm sure curiousity will eventually get the better of you!

Java moss from an aquarium shop works well, though with the more shy frogs (auratus qualifies) I'd go with a thick layer of leaf litter.
Brian T. Sexton
Sounds good to me..

is there any practicular Brom's they prefer?

and other plant species thats highly recommended?
as terrestrial frogs, broms are not as big of a deal. they often lay in 'coco huts' or film canisters. not to say they wouldn't enjoy a brom, and they might sleep or lay in it.

i'll also second the note about their shyness. make sure you think the plants are amazingly pretty, because you'll probably be looking at the plants more than the frogs. that's definitely the case with my blue and black auratus. i have a humidifier piped into my tank, so it stays really moist, and has tons of ficus pumila and small ferns, so the tank looks really overgrown. if i trim it so the plants look better, i see the frogs once very week or two, versus once every couple of days when it's overgrown.

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