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Here are a few pics of my new tank I have put a TON of time and effort into this hope you enjoy it!! Thanks MIKE!! Im not quite done yet still have to add some more wood broms and plants but hey its a good start!! I would be glad to answer any questions as to how I built it so feel free!!! EVERYONE COMMENT PLEASE TONS OF HITS BUT NO COMMENTS???

Just waiting for my broms!! Grr too bad im going to florida on tuesday so I wont be able to get all my stuff until I get back!! Makes me almost want to stay here just to finish!! If it wasn't so damn cold here maybe I would!! Not too bad for my first tank though!! At least I didnt think so!! LEave me some comments tell me what everyone thinks!?!?!

I got my power compact lighting yesterday and its SWEEEEETTTT!!! Highly recommend the coralife aqualight 2/65 watt 50/50 straight pin compact fluorescent lamps!! I love these lights! I have 4 of them on all of my tanks currently This model has 4 cooling fans!! You cant beat that. Well here are a couple more pix and im a little bit farther toward completion!! I cant wait!! ENJOY

more pix less fog

Great viv! I found that if you cover your power cord with silicon you can dip it in some coco fiber and it will blend with your back ground and look like a vine or root. Just a thought. Smile I did it to both my vivs and it blends very well I think.

looks like you put a lot of time into that viv! who will be living there?

Im not sure yet what I am going to put into it probably blue and bronze azureus but I cant find them ANYWHERE!!! Anyone some help would be AWESOME!!! Im going to pick up my broms today about 45 minutes before I leave on vacation so I will barely be able to enjoy them but hey at least they will be in there!! Along with some moss!!! Thanks everyone

Quote:Im not sure yet what I am going to put into it probably blue and bronze azureus but I cant find them ANYWHERE!!!

I would like to see this type of frog. Is it a new morph?

i'm guessing he means blue and bronze AURATUS.

Wow must have taken a rocket scientist to put that together sorry I was about an hour from leaving for vacation to daytona beach and my mind was on other things I forgot that when you make a mistake u can always count someone in to be critical about it. Put two and two together and u will know what I mean!! This guy has 4 posts and he took the time out of his day to write that !! Shows how intelligent he is!!

hey tonyC,

skidoo800 is a total newbie who has only been posting here for a few days, and has stepped on a lot of toes already. please don't be put off.

as a rocket scientist yourself, you might consider that a newbie with just 4 posts may not have memorized every morph of frog out there. yet you take time out of your day....



I forgot this is the only frog forum around SkiDoo800DartFrog. Good to know not only are you a rocket scientist, but you also can tell that someone is a newbie from seeing only 4 posts..... Did it ever occur to you that maybe I'm not a newbie? Besides, you requested that everyone comment, so I do and you see fit to put me down once again, further proving to me I'm wasting my time here on this forum. Goodbye.

Mike Porter right? Nice tank, good luck with that.

Mike but not porter lmao

Did you ever get your blue and bronze auratus to put in your tank?

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