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Plant Identification
Can someone ID this plant? It is growing on an aquarium filter return in this picture. I am told that it is springy like moss would be. I picked it up for the cost of shipping and it should be here next week. I think it would be pretty in a viv...would like to know for sure what it is first though Wink

To me it looks like some sort of Rotala sp. Not sure which. Looks like its healthy though. Make sure you can replicate the growing conditions or it may change shape/color.

Good luck.
#3 ... ype=Search

Those are some of the more common rotala doesnt resemble any of those...
Almost looks like a type of sphagnum.
It does resemble that for sure..then it should be safe for the vivs I would think.
I don't see why not!
I'd go for it.

Looks can be deceiving as cultural influences play a major part in the overall shape and confirmation of many plants. Plants that are grown with less food and higher light are sometimes different colors or more compact vs. those that are grown with plenty of food (fertilizer) and given low light.

When you get the plant, please post your own picture of it. Maybe it will help. I didn't think sphagnum could grow submersed in constant water like that which led to my thought that it might be an aquatic plant. I have seen Rotala rotundifolia look like that many times if grown in super strong light.
If I had to guess I would say it looks like "Irish creeping moss" just a guess. Smile

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