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more pictures
More pictures
Last of the pictures for now
Great, you got the pictures to work!

Nice looking tank, tell us about your water feature.
I designed and hand made the water fall myself. It is made out of an epoxy that is safe to make fish aquarium ornaments, pvc, and foam. I drilled the hole in the top with my dremel tool, ran the tubing up and attached the pump to it. I put up a barrier wall that you find at a pet store that suctions to the side of the aqaurium. I rested the top part of the egg crate just in back of that. I put dirt and rocks there to try to make it more natural looking to section off the pool that the foutain sits in. I added some gravel and the cork bark roll to aid in getting out of the pool easier. They can also climb out of the water on the fall and jump across to the drier land area quite easily as well. I have a misting system in place that I bought from Big Apple. It is their band misting system. I love it. It works great and the timer was so easy. I just have to add the addtional nozzles that I got in the mail today to the system. I have it set to go off abut every three hours up till 11:00pm. After that it doesn't go off till 5 or 6 am. I have some plants growing in the water as well. I added two more plants to the water section since I took these pictures. The water has turned a brownish yellow though because of the soil. Thank you once again for helping me post my pictures Smile
that water feature is HOT!
Very cool!!
Thank you for the nice replies guys! I really appreciate them! It has taken me so long to put this all togther Smile
Great Plants!

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