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My Viv Plans, Input Needed
[Image: Vivarium.jpg]

it will be 12in long x 12in wide x 18in high.

Top Left-

there will be a 1/2 hole for drainage of the false bottom, with 2in of dead space. also, there will be 4 inches of non-removable glass above the false bottom.

Top Right-

the viv will be euro style with a vent under the door, i recessed the panel 2in back to allow for the lower vent, also i will angle the background at around 80 degrees so that i can install drainage tubes for the potted plants in the GS background.

Lower Bottom-

the vent will be 2in and will have a computer fan installed above it to help with fog dissipation. 6, 1/4 holes will be drilled for my custom fog/mist system .

i am a complete noob, lmk what you think about this design. please, if you see a problme lmk so i can change it.

that is a beautiful looking design. it may be a bit overkill, in fact. the footprint isn't too much bigger than a 10 vert. i have a 16 cube and a ten vert, both of which just have one mister head, and they stay wet enough. i mist the upper corners of the 16 cube by hand every couple of days. so i can't imagine needing 6 mist/fog holes. by way of balance, i think your vents with fans are a bit overkill, so it could all balance out. if your tank were really big, 4 ft x 4 ft or so, i think your plans would be ideal. as it stands, i'm sure it would work okay, but keeping it simpler might be better.

i would also ask why you are making it that small. it's fine for a pair of thumbnails, but as long as you are building it, why not allow a bit more space to play with. for instance, it's really hard to find plants which naturally fit in a 12" cube (giving a few inches for substrate). if you have space in your home, i doubt you'll ever regret giving yourself and the frogs a little bit more space to play with.

hope this is helpful,
one more tiny detail. you mention a 1/2" hole for a drain. if you plan to use a 1/2" bulkhead (they are readily available from aquarium supply stores), the hole you drill needs to be much larger. be sure to check the outer diameter of your bulkhead before you drill the drainage hole.
the size was chosen for monetary reasons. I am currently a student and a 10 vert is pretty much at my limit.

the six holes were for 3 misting and 3 fogging. upon further examination of my viv style, euro, the fog will seep out through the bottom vent. the kit comes with 3 misting heads, and it powered by a hand pump. i dont know how powerful it will be, so maybe 2 misting heads wouldnt be overkill compared to one head from a higher psi sytem.

the one fan will be turned on my a timer to clear the condensation from the front glass. i have limited time with my viv, and when i am able to see it i want an unobstructed view.

thanks for the info on the bulkhead, illl make sure to compensate for it when i get to drilling.
sounds like a really fun project. let us know how it progresses. which frogs are you building it for?
i havent decided yet, either blue/ bronze auratus or maybe some imitators.

The tank design is very nice.
Imitators would be more appropriate for that type of set up, and I think you would enjoy them more as they will be more visible.
I didn't see where you mentioned what type of door arrangement you will have (sliding, fold up,fold down,etc.).
sorry, its gonna fold down.
As far as being on a budget try looking at your local craigs list page I see people selling and sometimes giving away great aquariums on there all the time froe really good deals. Have picked a couple up myself. The best one is a 45 gallon tank I got for $40.

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