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30 gallon long
I picked up this tank used, over the holidays. It was set up as a saltwater tank with a rear corner overflow and pvc everywhere. This weekend, I stripped it down but kept the overflow box to house the pump for the water feature.

I had seen a bamboo water feature and thought I might try one seeing as I have done the slate falls, the wood etc. and this might be different. It is freshly planted and I am sure I will be yanking a bunch out as it grows in.
To be honest, I wouldnt recommend any smaller "long" version tank as there simply just is NOT enough head room!...but ceste la vie.

I am looking for maybe a pagoda or chinese style dragon to add, then it will be done.
wow 54 views and no comments.. Sad
Guess it isnt what everyone is used to seeing.
looks nice, 54 views 1 comment Smile
71 views 2 comments Tongue

looks nice. but you need some moss growing in there Tongue
looks awesome and you dont need any moss if you dont want it ive seen plenty of tanks that look great with no moss in them yours is one of them!!
the tank looks good, I like the bamboo water feature.
I think a nice layer of leaf litter would look great.
You will probably have your hands full with a couple of those plants, keep the scissors handy!
what are you using for substrate (or top dressing?) hard to tell in the pics, but it looks like lava rock...
no lavarock..the bottom is shultz aquatic plant soil, followed by a mix of peat and clean topsoil. Then orchid bark is the very top.
I kinda like the bamboo. Its different. I agree that it could use some moss... age it a bit.
Looks nice! Bamboo is a neat decoration for a cage and not one that is commonly used.

What kinda frogs do you have there?

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