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New to the forum

Hello everyone, Name is Bryan and i want to get some dart frogs in the future and signed up now so i can start preparing for them, look forward to getting all the info i can from you seasoned dart owners. oh yea i have been into herps since i was about 11 and right now i am keeping an albino burm and 4 ball pythons.

hey bryan,
nice to see folks doing their homework first. i'm sure we'll see more of you.

Welcome to the forum... there are a lot of great people here that are willing to help. I am sure you will be pleased and well informed here.

Thanks for the welcoming words, i look forward to learning about these awsome Darts.

im new too hi

sorry, im chris, uk, any other uk on?

I'm new too! We are doing the same thing. Tyring to get some research in before we take the plunge.

We currently have 4 green tree frogs, 2 fire bellied toads, and a very cool red eyed tree frog.


I am also new and i was wondering what exactly thumbnails and eggfeeders mean. I love PDF's but as of right now i am kinda of uneducated in their ways and am studying them so i can get them myself

also i was checking out the construction setup section and couldn't find almsotlike astep by step of what i would need to do to make the vivarium properly. if anyone can help me out that wouldbe amazing!


I am also new to this forum but I have been keeping darts for about 6 mos. Reading these posts is the best thing you can do to get yourself prepared for your darts! Once you start, you will be amazed how fast you become addicted to both the frogs and the vivariums. There are lots of different ways to set up a vivarium and can differ depending on the type of frogs you plan on housing. I recommend starting with smaller tanks before building a large one.
Aztek- I also keep ball pythons and started my reptile/amphibian hobby with snakes.
Bstorm- Blackjungle dot com has a pretty good vivarium construction journal on it. You can also ask any specific questions you may have regarding the building process and we will be more than happy to answer them for you. Also, "Thumbnails" refers to the smaller species such as Imitators. "Egg feeders" refers to the frogs whose mothers feed the tadpoles only non-fertile eggs in their development, such as pumillo.
Hope this helped.

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